The final full paper format will be identical with the extended abstracts format except number of pages. The required minimum is 4 pages and recommended maximum 5-6 pages. The paper shall not exceed 6 (six) pages, including figures and references. NO EXCEPTION IS ALLOWED.

All manuscripts must be in english. Do not number the pages of your manuscript. Do not introduce headers or footers.

The formatting instructions and the paper skeleton are both included in the paper format - Template DOWNLOAD.

The full paper should include title, author names and affiliations, abstract, keywords, introduction describing the nature of the problem and the state of the art in the field of interest, description of the contribution, results achieved and their applicability, conclusions and references. The originality of the contribution and relevance of the work should be clearly indicated.

Electronic summaries must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat pdf format (ONLY) to the following email address no later than April 30, 2014.

Inclusion of your paper in the Technical Program and Conference Proceedings requires assignment of copyright to the sponsoring Society. You can find the copyright form at the symposium web site. Please, send it to us by email at: no later than April 30, 2014. Copyright Form Download.

All full paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-92-990073-3-4 and it will be included with the conference materials.


To verify that the submitted documents have been received correctly and completely by the Conference secretariat, the authors are kindly requested to check – one or more days after the date of submission – their papers' status here. In case of failure, they should not resubmit their documents, but ask for help.