During the second day of the workshop participants will have the opportunity ot take part in the bus trip to see both new and old capital of Poland. The detailed information is here: trip information.


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Warsaw is a scientific, cultural, political and economical centre on the European scale. Though full of architectural phenomena, like Royal Castle Curia Maior, Zygmunt’s Column and Palace of the Four Winds, its green gardens can sink in ones memory. Warsaw is also known as the “phoenix city”, due to the fact its been rebuilt numerous times throughout its history. The turbulent history of the city has imprinted itself unto Warsaw’s varied architecture style. Most of the sites were reconstructed, though some architecture from the 19th century had been preserved.

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SYMPOSIUM LOCATION - "Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology"

How to get to the meeting venue - coming soon

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Map of Warsaw

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nieborow (73 kB) chopin (142 kB) Many places around Warsaw are worth to be visited because they are rich of art and history.
Some possible itineraries are:

- Kampinoski National Park
- Lagrzynski Lake
- Modlin Fortress
- Palace in Nieborow and Arkadia
- Zelazowa Wola

image019 (32 kB) zielono (35 kB) To get more information about possible itineraries, read more here: